In the photo booth

Aww love that song! This young Berlin singer Schmidt shows in this really cool video not only her great looks, but also a song inspired by the 20s and Cabaret. Really cool mix, really pretty and talented singer, really worth listening to!


Stressful, but pretty

A while back in Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

Looong day:) A full day of classes and a violin recital to play, puh! I am glad to be home and to finally get something to eat! But really, today was a truly beautiful day and I was able to spent my lunch break in the sun reading. Since I went out without my camera today I am just showing you a picture that captures the feeling that accompanied me today: sunny and pretty.
Another thing I want to let you guys know: You are great, I am so greatful for every reader. Since I figured that very few people properly use GoogleFriendConnector I will get myself set up on bloglovin and Facebook this weekend! Hope you all will want to follow me there then!
Hope you guys are enjoying your days, even the stressful once.
Love, Frieda


LOVEly dinner

As I have focused on the small things in life in previous posts, here is another one: Returning home after a long day of classes and being able to sit down to a nice dinner outside! Also, did you notice the adorable cheese hearts?? Could there be something better to cheer you up? I don´t think so:)


Taking the time

Silk dress: Vintage/ Flats: Buffalo/ Fish  skin Bag: Vintage/ Belt: New Yorker/ Glasses: H&M/ Bracelet: Some beach store in Spain/ Rings: I am/Six

You know how some people have to go out to walk their dog? Well, I sometimes have to go out to walk one of my dresses:) No, really. I think there is nothing sadder than having beautiful clothes and not wearing them.So, today was one of those days: I was just hanging out at home rewatching the first season of Criminal Minds, when I had the feeling I needed to get dressed  up and finally get an outfit shot done. And the dress was one of those dresses that needed to get out again. After a long winter break and very few showings in general since a spring dance two years ago I thought it appropriate to show off this beauty! I love the fabric and the flowers, I thought about shortening it, but decided not to so I could keep the original shape. So it really is a treasure and should be shown off way more often! That is the difference berween a dog and the dress you cannot get someone to take out your dress, but there certainly are dogwalkers:) So, If you would excuse me there are more dresses in my closet that need to take a walk in the perfect sunshine!
P.S.: pics will follow!:)  


Summer approaching

I already told you that I hope to get a little tan so I can wear light colors and look good in my swim wear. Well, that is what I tried this weekend, without much success, but with a lot of fun with my friends. I got this card above from a really good friend of mine a while ago stating our goals for the summer: have fun, get tanned,... Alright, I may not have gotten as tanned as the girl on the cover (yet), but I am doing well on the fun part. This actually leads me to an apology: I haven´t done an outfit post ina week, I am sorry! With the hot weather all I really wear are shorts and shirts paired with heels or flipflops, but I will try to catch up on it asap. I hope you guys are doing a better job at getting tanned and are having as much as fun as I do! Have a great start into the week! Love, Frieda


Impressions of my day

Some historical sight in my town/ looking down/ Enjoying the perfect blue sky/ Impressins of the night/ wearing real flowers in the hair

Today was such a good day! I hope the pictures captured some of the impressions I got!


In the sun

Oh, how I much I adore her! I loved her in "500 days of summer" and "New Girl" is one of my favorite shows on TV right now! But what I love most is her unconventional style of music and how natural it comes to her. So, admit it we all love Zooey Deschanel!



Just recently I shared a video from Cartier with you guys, here is another thing I like about their recent moves: the Nail ring! This ring, desigend by Aldo Cipullo, is called "Juste un Clou" (Just a Nail) as just relaunched and is now the hottest piece of jewellery around (you find it on here). It has been hyped by every high-fashion magazine out there and now it is my turn to praise this wonderful ring! I LOVE it, I think it is really cute and this without being too much! But what makes me like it even more is that I already own a similar ring! I know it is not as filigrane and it is not gold, but it is still very close to my heart. I as presented with this ring by a really dear friend of mine and she just told me the cutest story to accompany it.
At the times of the pilgrims crossing the great Plains there was a young lady who had two admirers, to decide which one should become her husband she told them that the one of them who  would first get her a diamond engagement ring should be it. Now there wasn´t any chance to get a real diamind out in the Plains, but one of them got a nail from a close by railroad, as these were called "Road diamonds". He got it shaped into a ring and proposed to her. Stunned by his thoughtfulness and devotion she agreed to marry him.
I think this is one of the cutest stories! I love how I as introduced to this ring by one of my besties long before the relaunch! And what I love most that this is a true sign of LOVE!


Pastel colors everywhere

Lastest issue of InStyle/ Arizona Iced tea/ Bow: Forever 21/ Bracelets: Primark/ Cardigan: H&M/ Nail polish (left to right): essence "no more drama", Manhattan "35L", Revlon "85 Minted"/ Hair ties: some giveaway

So I went to pick up the latest copy of InStyle today, my monthly read, and also grapped some iced tea on my way. Later I noticed that the colors of both items matched my cardigan:) It is all about pastel colors now! Since it was really hot today I finally found out why pastel colors are just the perfect thing to wear now that summer is coming closer. My daily dose of pastel freshens me up and feels just like a spoon full of sorbet ice cream, kinda reminds me of that color too, right?
I would love to know, how you style pastel colors in your daily outfits! And also what are your must-reads each month?
Have a fab day, and hopefully you are able to enjoy some sun as well!


A little bit of consistency

Remember how I said I loved change? Well, my shoe closet will tell you a different story... over the last months it seemed like I couldn´t go shoe shopping without at least purchasing one pair of pink shoes:) Why pink? It all began when I decided to not buy my chosen pair of shoes in the mandatory brown, but in a light pink. I left the store feeling incredibly stylish and superior, just because of a new color! I don´t know what it is about pink shoes and me, but they go together quite well. It was a change at first, going away from the normality of black or brown shoes (I own enough of them as well;)), but it comes closer to consistency now.
So, I guess even I, who loves changes, falls into the normal pattern of searching for consistency. At least when it comes to the color of shoes. But as every season brings new trend colors there is probably still enough room for least if I stack my shoes a little closer together:)


The Frieda Bag

The Carrie Diaries/ Close-ups/ Full view of the clutch

Have you read The Carrie Diaries? While this prequel novel focuses mostly on how our beloved Carrie came to our equally beloved NYC, it also gives some insights on her progressing of fashion understanding. One main accessoire in this shaping process is a bag from her mother, unfortunatly she spills some nail polish on it (readying herself for a date). While most of us would have just taken another nice bag, Carrie is convinved she needs this particular bag and therefore eagerly searches for a solution. Because she cannot get the nail polish off the bag she just uses some more nail polish to make the bag looked splattered and then puts her name on it. It now is the Carrie bag:)
While reading the novel I decided it would be nice to use this idea on one of my bags as well. So, I dug out this old clutch, which I haven´t been using lately, and used some nail polish to give it a new look. It now can be looked at as the Frieda bag! Oh, how much I like the idea of having a bag named after myself! That would be great fun!
Do you have an item you would like to be named after yourselves? Any DIY-ideas for more individual bags?
Have a good start into the week! Love, Frieda
P.S. My little bag project was done right after the release of the novel, so it was long before the first pictures from the set emerged. If you woud like to see how the crew and cast dealt with the idea of the Carrie bag, please look here


Messy meets sophisticated

Shirt: Zara/ Jeggings: Orsay/ Flats: Gant/ Bag: Vintage/ Neclace: Promod/ Glasses: Old Navy

These pictures were taken while going grocery shopping yesterday. The weather was fantastic, but the light was not ideal for picture taking (look at pic. 1 and face), so I got out some glasses. Even though it has been sunny for a while I am still very white. I hope that will change over the next days as I have already picked out some swim wear in pretty light colors ( and you do not want to pair light swim wear and super pale skin)! I really like the shirt I am wearing in the picture, as the shirt becomes an it-piece this season, its appearence changed a little. Now, shirts are made out of delicate fabrics, nnew shapes and with cute prints. Also shirts pair up with big statement jewellery and girly shoes, rather than with the usual sneaker. All in all I did not want to overdo it, so I just put my hair just as it came after air drying in the morning: a messy pony tail.


The sweets of life

I just went for some doughnuts today and while eating the sweet treat I thought about how we often fail to notice the little sweet things of life. So, from now on I hope to be able to seize the moment and enjoy the small things more! Just like the little sprinkles on the choclate frosting, all the small things add up to a delicious whole! I hope you all enjoy your weekend and all the small parts of the day as much as I hope to be able to from now on! Love, Frieda


Ladies´night in pink and gold

Shorts: Forever 21/ Shirt: Pimkie/ Top (underneath): H&M/ Jacket: Tom Tailor/ Bag: H&M/ Flats: Buffalo/ Scarf: Primark/ Jewellery: Vintage
So I went out with my girls yesterday and I actually liked my outfit a lot, because it was really comfy and still it is classy and stylish. Also I haven´t been wearing that much make-up in a while, I know you cannot tell from these pictures, but it really was a lot of eye make-up:) It was fun getting dressed up a little, use more eyeliner than usual and just go out and have fun with the ladies!


Impressions of my day

A new inhabitant in the garden/ Enjoying the photo shots of free magazines/ Some geese at the river bank/ Finding a cute bracelet in my make-up table/ Don´t you love to blow these?


Flower bench

Oh, how much I love things like that! I just enjoy walking around and stumbling over the cutest things completely unexpected. This cute bench filled with flowers was one of those. And in the end that is what life is all about, to expect the unexpected and to enjoy these litttle pleasures in life:)


Feet on the ground

Boots: Forever 21
When it comes to live your life in a way that is accomplishing and fullfilling I feel there is an easy rule to follow: reach out for the stars, with your feet steadily on the ground! I like to think that this way everything will fall into place. If you just do your best everyday and reach out for the highest you can, trying to out grow yourself, but also remembering where you came from and how to be yourself I think that´s how you can actually achieve great things in life.


Make the Sparkle wearable

Shirt: / Skirt: Vintage/ Boots: Forever 21/ Neclace & Arrow Ring: Claire´s/ Bag: Zara/ Other Jewellery: Vintage
I love high-fashion and high-fashion blogs, but honestly as inspiring as they are I tend to not know how to apply all those amazing tips to my every day life. Since I live in a small village close to some bigger cities, not NYC, though there aren´t many occasions to wear long robes, full-lenght skirts and really high heels. So the challenge I face everyday is : how to make the Sparkle wearable. So, one thing I do a lot is to wear an outfit most people would wear with high-heels and pair it with some boots and extra jewellery instead. Also, I like to  keep to uni colors, colors of one family etc. So as you can see above I choose to wear grey and black as to not over-do the sparkles of the skirt and added some sandy boots and some big shiny accessoires. The bag is one of my favs right now, I liked the idea of an envalope-size bag before, but it felt so clean and sophisticated that I didn´t know how to add it to my wardrobe. Seeing this bag in a shiny silver tone got me immediatly, because it is like a big fat wink, telling you not to take it all to seriously, And, I like that a lot, because I love high-fashion, I really do, but the question that I am facing everyday is to how make it wearable. And the best answer I can come up with is: Do not take it to serious, make it more you, and do not be afraid to add a little sparkle:)