Pastel colors everywhere

Lastest issue of InStyle/ Arizona Iced tea/ Bow: Forever 21/ Bracelets: Primark/ Cardigan: H&M/ Nail polish (left to right): essence "no more drama", Manhattan "35L", Revlon "85 Minted"/ Hair ties: some giveaway

So I went to pick up the latest copy of InStyle today, my monthly read, and also grapped some iced tea on my way. Later I noticed that the colors of both items matched my cardigan:) It is all about pastel colors now! Since it was really hot today I finally found out why pastel colors are just the perfect thing to wear now that summer is coming closer. My daily dose of pastel freshens me up and feels just like a spoon full of sorbet ice cream, kinda reminds me of that color too, right?
I would love to know, how you style pastel colors in your daily outfits! And also what are your must-reads each month?
Have a fab day, and hopefully you are able to enjoy some sun as well!

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