Just recently I shared a video from Cartier with you guys, here is another thing I like about their recent moves: the Nail ring! This ring, desigend by Aldo Cipullo, is called "Juste un Clou" (Just a Nail) as just relaunched and is now the hottest piece of jewellery around (you find it on here). It has been hyped by every high-fashion magazine out there and now it is my turn to praise this wonderful ring! I LOVE it, I think it is really cute and this without being too much! But what makes me like it even more is that I already own a similar ring! I know it is not as filigrane and it is not gold, but it is still very close to my heart. I as presented with this ring by a really dear friend of mine and she just told me the cutest story to accompany it.
At the times of the pilgrims crossing the great Plains there was a young lady who had two admirers, to decide which one should become her husband she told them that the one of them who  would first get her a diamond engagement ring should be it. Now there wasn´t any chance to get a real diamind out in the Plains, but one of them got a nail from a close by railroad, as these were called "Road diamonds". He got it shaped into a ring and proposed to her. Stunned by his thoughtfulness and devotion she agreed to marry him.
I think this is one of the cutest stories! I love how I as introduced to this ring by one of my besties long before the relaunch! And what I love most that this is a true sign of LOVE!

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