I heart Romance

Jacket: Forever 21, Top: Levi´s, Blouse: Rue 21, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Some cheap find, don´t remember the name of the store, Ring: Vintage

The vintage ring shown in the last picture inspired me to this outfit and the pictures. The ring was given to me by my mum, I love the coloring and how its look is romantic though not too much. For me a romantic outfit is all about that- descreet detailing, no overflow.
But what is romance anyway? Is it what we see in those hollywood movies? A guy and a girl, perfectly dressed, on the beach as the sun goes down, everything surrounded by string music...Is that it? Asking my friends what they think romance is the answer that showed up the most was: The simple, small things. So, just like my outfit(?) Maybe it really is about all the small things, but how do you translate that into life? While it is quite easy to find small things accompaninng an outfit, such as a ring, a filigree neclace, glamorous high heels, or delicate lace, what are the high heels and lace of love and romance? So since I took these pictures last weekend I kept my eyes and ears open to find out what these `small things` are. And walking around in the city I noticed that these small things come across almost unnoticable. Often it is about openig doors, a home made cake, a small thoughtful present,... It looks as if thoughts are the key to romance. You may ask if that is not contradictory- romance a thing from the heart unlocked by the key of thoughts? At first sight it might seem like that, but if you take a closer look it all falls into place. When you really care for sombody you think about them a lot, and if you turn that thinking into acting that´s when you create romance. So, in the end it really is about the small things, such as connecting thoughts and heart.

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  1. Super Schuhe! Du drückst genau aus für was Romantik steht- die kleinen Dinge des Lebens. Frieda, mach weiter so, toller Blog <3