Sparkles and bows

Denim shirt: by Miley Cyrus/ Top: Levi´s/ Leggings: Primark/ Shoes: s.Oliver/ Belt: Zara/ Bag: Wanted/ Ring: Bijoux Brigitte

Going to an engagement party last weekend I wore this outfit. I added some Sparkles and a bow to a simple denim shirt and leggings. Iam currently obsessed with cute hair accessoires, they add a little bit of glam to almost anything. When it comes to bows...oh well, I think they are just too cute.
But not as cute as the bride ans groom to be, though. It is so fun to watch people you are close to being happy. I love to see the lighten up eyes, the excited little jumps, the constant smiles... There is so much that expresses this happyness and anxiety. Just take a walk through the city and take a look at all the couples sitting outside, you will for sure notice some of these signs. So maybe these signs are what sparkles and bows are to an outfit, a little addition of glam, an expression of your mood and they show everyone that you care- about your outfit or your soon-to-be husband:)

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