What´s on my bedside table right now

                Ronni Cooper: Manhatten/Cosmo/ Lavender cream from Yves Rocher/ Sleep mask

For I am a bookworm you will always find a good read wherever I go. I am currently obsessed with Manhattan by Ronni Cooper. She has a really special way of talking of her characters, bringing them to life right on the spot. Also the novel is set in New York, do I need to say more?? Anothe thing you will most likely on my bedside are the latest copies of some fashion magazines, this time it is a Cosmo. The lavender cream does wonders to high heel-tortured feet and the smell is just enough to make the bedroom smell of a summer garden. The sleep mask is just for decoration, though. I think it is really cute, but I can´t get myself to sleep in one of these:)

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