Tinkerbell- just love her

While in America I watched a lot of disney movies with my friends and siblings. Through all of it and during my stay in Disneyland I decided that Tinker was my favorite:) So when two of my besties and me planned a disney night I thought of it and just wanted to share these cute images with you guys. Who´s your favorite?



All these were taken at the San Francisco MoMa, I´m sorry for not including all the artists names

The Arts have always taken on the question of love. How does love happen to people, how can it be expressed? Looking at the paintings at the MoMa this summer I noticed that it still is a moving question, not just to artists, but to everyone. Including me. I have talked about love and friendship on here before and it is good to see how other creative people have dealt with their thoughts on this topic. Above I have compiled some of my favorite pieces in the exhibit concernig love and companionship. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, even though the photos don´t do their beauty justice! And in the end we all hope to end up in a state diplayeed in the last painting: the mystical HAPPY END!


Holiday wear- How to be a stylish tourist

First Outfit: Shirt: Target/ Shorts: Please/ Cardigan: Cos/ Sandals: Gap/ Bag: Vintage/ UK-scarf: Kult/Jewellery: Vintage
Second Outfit: Shirt: H&M/ Pants: Zara/ Bag&Cardigan: see above/ Shoes: I don´t know, they are old:)/ Neclace: Promod

I love to travel! You probably know by now. But one thing I don´t like is to stand out as a tourist, in looks or in language. That is one of the reasons I love to learn foreign languages and also reason for a very detailed packing:) As you see above I usually take basics (Jacket, Bag) in plain colors and match them with neon brights and filigrane jewellery. That way I have lots of options and little to pack:)
What are your tips for light and stylish travelling?


Story of my summer- Part 2

The White House/ The Vietnam Memorial/ A really cool quote at the Martin Luther King Memorial/ The American Eagle The Lincoln Memorial

Wow, a lot of memorial pictures in this post, but they are just amazing and they make any stay in Washington D.C. worthwhile.


Story of my summer- Part 1

I know I have been gone for far too long, but I brought you guys back some really cool pictures! So here you go with the first round;)

The Capitol/ Washington Memorial/ Stars and Stripes/ Out of many One/ Jefferson Memorial

I have to admit the weather wasn´t the best for picture taking, but the days in Washington were awesome anyways. I have loved returning to the U.S., my second home:)


Neon and Sparkles

flomar nail polish 392&402

This is definitly my favorite combination of nail polish colors this summer, it´s sparkly, but also adds a splash of color to just any kind of outfit (as in th 2nd pic, with just a simple striped shirt)!
Let me know, what are your summer favs?


The art of packing:)

Now that I am back I unpacked all my bags and- no surprise- they were messy;) I don´t know why, but at least for me that´s how it goes. I pack my suitcase and it is all clean and tidy and it looks nice, but when I come back everything is just thrown in and messed up. I guess it kinda displays how I feel about travelling. I just love to go away and visit different places, but I usually do not want to go back as early as I have to. I like the feeling of coming home, but it just often feels like it is too early, as if there are still so many things to be seen. So here is a picture of my suitcase before I left to the U.S. this summer, but I won´t let you see what it looked like coming back, or what my bedroom now looks like for that matter;)


Being back to blogging!

Well, hello my dears,
Last couple weeks have been crazy and I hope to fill you in to all that happened in the next couple days! It were definitly some of the best days I have had. I hope you guys had a great summer, as well. Hope you did not miss me too much;) Anyways, I am back now and ready to show you all my great summer finds, holiday pics and a lot of new outfit posts, so stay tuned!
Love, Frieda