First Chapter

Jacket: selfmade by my grannie/Shirt: Zara/Leggings: Primark/Bag: Vintage/Rings: Vintage

When I would have to descibe the contents of my closet...oh boy, that would be a long list. You know those people who have a certain style? Those people who could put one label on there style and fine? Well, I really admire those guys for their consistency! But, as I stated before I like change just a little bit more! So I think descibing one´s style should never be just a couple of words. We are telling stories with our clothes and there is more to a story than just a couple of words. Some stories fill books, others a couple pages, but they all contain more than just those few words. So when we dress we can ask ourselves; What story am I telling people now?  It is what I probably like best about fashion, the ability to be a different person everyday. Since I want to tell a lot in a story I may as well let pictures speak. And so I won´t try to descibe my style in a couple words, I will try to capture its variety in pictures instead. So here you go with the first chaper of my (style) story!


  1. I like the jacket! Seems to me that you have a really cool grannie ;-)


    1. Thanks, and yes I really do have a cool grannie, she´s the best!