Like a sun beam

Shirt: H&M/ Shorts: Please/ Neclace: Forever 21/ Flower band: Yves Rocher/ Rings: Vintage

When I came home today the light outside was just perfect, so I decided to grap this yellow band throw on my new yellow shirt and go out dancing in the fading sun under a perfectly blue sky. I don´t look my best after a long day, but everything else was just so perfect I couln´t resist taking some shots:)
Hearing that yellow would be the color of the season, I wasn´t too happy at first. Mostly because I did not have a clue how to wear and combine it, but now that I actually own a couple items in the trend color I start to understand why so many designers liked the color- It is an instant feel-better color! Have you tried wearing yellow yet? Well if you haven´t you should, because it actually brightens  your day, just like the touch of the first sun beam.

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