Taking the time

Silk dress: Vintage/ Flats: Buffalo/ Fish  skin Bag: Vintage/ Belt: New Yorker/ Glasses: H&M/ Bracelet: Some beach store in Spain/ Rings: I am/Six

You know how some people have to go out to walk their dog? Well, I sometimes have to go out to walk one of my dresses:) No, really. I think there is nothing sadder than having beautiful clothes and not wearing them.So, today was one of those days: I was just hanging out at home rewatching the first season of Criminal Minds, when I had the feeling I needed to get dressed  up and finally get an outfit shot done. And the dress was one of those dresses that needed to get out again. After a long winter break and very few showings in general since a spring dance two years ago I thought it appropriate to show off this beauty! I love the fabric and the flowers, I thought about shortening it, but decided not to so I could keep the original shape. So it really is a treasure and should be shown off way more often! That is the difference berween a dog and the dress you cannot get someone to take out your dress, but there certainly are dogwalkers:) So, If you would excuse me there are more dresses in my closet that need to take a walk in the perfect sunshine!
P.S.: pics will follow!:)  

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