And it´s different in print

I love books. Yes, of course for their content, but also for their feeling! If you ever laid finger on a good book and could not let go of it, always keeping it close, letting your hands go through it over and over again, you have probably experienced the feeling I am talking about. It is that feeling that makes me return to old-fashion books. Despite the technological advances which I like to use on a daily basis, you know such as this blog. I love all those other bloggers I follow daily, I also enjoy some online books and libraries, as it is just for their content, but after a long day all I want is to come back to the welcoming feeling of a book. It is familiar, it is close, it is personal.  Even though I like to think that this feeling just came out of nowhere, when I was thinking about it I couldn´t help but notice that I might have a connection to this feeling of a different sort. So, I think that maybe my love for the printed comes from me growing up in the city where printing was first invented, or at least movable letters were. But no matter how I came to feel the way I do about the printed word I am happy about it and to share this with you and all my future followers I added this cute button on the side bar of my blog, to remind everyone that while it is ok and necessary at some times to use online media etc. for their extended content they will never out-model an old-fashioned book in the feeling they are able to create! 

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