Impressions of my day

easy breakfast/ some pansies/ thoughtful quote on a tea bag/ tulips/ first pair of summer shoes

Since I have been talking about summer and spring a lot lately, and because today was an especially nice day I thought it time to show you what has been on my mind lately. So, as you might have noticed before I love flowers! I also enjoy shoes...very much, even more so if they are the first open toed shoes after a long winter! But the most inspiring was actually the little quote above. It really is true, sometimes good things come to you the most unexpected way.
I was not in the best mood when entering the cafe, loaden with work to do and with little time on my hands, getting some tea is probably the best thing you can do. So I sat down and turned the little tag, and there it was: a little note that reminded me to take in the season and the moment, because they won´t come back in the same matter. After reading this, and remembering the other works of this amazing writer I felt like sharing some of this season´s gifts and pleasures with you. Go on out there enjoying the fruit of the season, and maybe you want to do so in the first pair of unpacked shoes, getting them all ready for summer to really get going!

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