Signs of love

Walking around town i came across this tree. I stopped to think about the significance of this mark. Was is just some letters in some tree? Or was there more to it? There was a story behind it for sure, maybe a young couple had walked past and decided to make a constant mark of their love. Maybe it had been a prove of reality to them, maybe it was completely different, but I could not help but wonder. Isn´t that what we all want? A little prove that it is real, no matter what. We need prove of our grades in college on a report card, we need prove of our booked flight on a ticket, we need  prove of correct spelling by looking it up in the dictionary- we need things to be written down black and white, or sometimes on a tree. The same seems to apply to love- we need prove it is real. Since love is such a abstract concept to grasp we might need it even more than with other things. So standing in front of this tree I wondered about the symbolism of this heart in the bark, a simple, though significant sign of love. in the end it might have been more than just a sign, for two people it might have been a prove.

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