Party it, ladies

Some things never get old, like spending the night in watching movies and the getting songs to said movie stuck in your head, so you find yourself dancing to it all day long the next day;) Well, we all know which movie this is from, right? So, then get off the couch and bring it on girls, party it up!


Refound truth

Bracelet: Claire´s 

Well, you know how you have some sort of  "traditions"? You probably have tons af them to yourself, at least I do. One of mine is that I cannot pack for travelling without going through all my jewellery. Therefore I always empty my entire dresser, get out all the little satin bags and wooden boxes that hold my things empty them out on the floor and dig myself through all-time favorites, tropical exots, and forgotten treasures. I do not know why I do it, nor what I need it for, but I know that I do it every time. And when I say every time, I mean every time. Wether I am going on a two-day weekend trip or a year-long travel to study abroad. Of course the amout of time spent in preparations for those travels (somewhat in proportion to the actual travel), but I wouldn´t give up my ritual of jewellery choosing for anything. It somehow calms me down and makes me aware of the upcoming departure. I know this may sound a little silly, but it is just something I do. And at times this little ritual brings up pretty little treasures like this bracelet. I got it a long time ago at Claire´s and I still love the little message on it. It actually turns out to be one of the little things I was talking about earlier this week. It is really nice to have a little reminder of love dangeling from your wrist at times. So, in the end I can say that however dull all those little things we do might seem. However insicnificant we might think they are at times, they help. They help us to be eased up, help us to be more us. And then maybe they help us find something else that seems little, but can be significant at times.


Last preparations

                                                   Swim suit: Hunkemöller

I already mentioned that I will do some travelling soon and actually the date is coming closer. I will leave this Thursday, but where is still to be revealed;) As for now I am packing up things, finishing some college papers, and doing some final shopping. For today that meant: swim suit! I know that most of you will wonder why I decided to go for such a classical piece instead of something fancy, but it is very easy to explain: this swim suit is amazing! The color is very today, the cut is classic and therefore really body-loving;), and you can pair it with tons of jewellery and/or fun colored nails without looking trashy. So, yeah basically I love this swim suit and I am so happy I found it. That was really easy, too. Hunkemöller was the first shop I went to, this was the first suit I saw, one of the first I tried and the one I eventually bought for a steal-price of 20€! So, all I can say is that I am really pleased with today´s shopping trip and completely happy and that I can´t wait to hit the pool in this cute new swim wear!


Oh, she knows me soo well...

As I told you guys yesterday I am not into baking and stuff much, but i am big into decorating and eating! So, basically I just loooove cupcakes! I was really happy when my mum presented me with this very sweet book the other day and honestly now I caanot wait for an occasion to bake some of these! This actually inspired me to make those amazing Oreo Pralinés I showed you yesterday!


Oreo Pralinés

 What you need? A pack of Oreos, 375g Cream cheese, 400g white chocolate

love to unwrap those

Smash the Oreos to pieces: Goodbye:(

                                                        Now add the cream cheese

form the mix to little balls and store them in the fridge for about 30 minutes

then, melt the chocolate

cover the little balls in chocolate

leave them in the fridge over night

And finally: Enjoy!

I am not into cooking or baking a lot, actually I love to quote Carrie at times when I am asked to cook who said: I am more Coco Chanel than Coq au vin! But I simply had share these amazing sweets with you lovelies!


What kiss-day taught me

Picture was taken in Paris

A couple days back facebook reminded me of a really cool celebration: the kiss-day. I think it is a nice thing to enhance romance in such a way in today´s world. We are often busy, fast-paced, and narrow-eyed. We run around focused on our tasks and forget some essentials over it. Those being: Love, Romance, True Happiness. This is often said easily, but forgotten just as fast. So, what can we do to work against our "running" habits? What ways do we have to make our path cross those of love and happiness. I wonder about this as I am one of those people to run around everyday, have a million dates and things to remember and phone book-thick calendar. I am one of those people to remember everything except to just let go.

Picture was taken in Berlin

So, when I stumbled across the first picture in prepararion of this post I thought of something I have written about before: small things! It probably really is all those small things that make up the whole: LOVE. But, and here comes the problem to this wonderful solution: how can we make sure to give all those things the meaning they deserve? I have not found a perfect way for doing so, but I am trying my best everyday: to be open-eyed and open-minded! If we take the courage and the time to walk around a little different in our lives it might actually change a lot! For me the first steps on the way to doing so are:
first of all: this blog, it makes me a lot more alert to beauty in everyday life,
second: tune it down sometimes, I have noticed that when I sit down for lunch it can be very nice to turn off my iPod and just enjoy the sounds surrounding me
third: even if it sounds weird, I like to walk, yep, especially on days that my brain is clouded from studying it is nice to go outside and enjoy some nothing;) just air, fields, and walking
Well, I bet and I hope there are a lot more ways to enjoy the small things that make up such big things as Love! What are your ways to do so? I would love to hear about them!


Flowery skirt

Denim-shirt: Miley Cyrus for Walmart/ Top: Pimkie/ Bikini top: H&M/ Skirt: selfmade by my mum/ Sandals: Gap/ Bag: Gap/ Neclace: Promod/ Bracelets: Primark, H&M, Vintage/ Ring: I am/ Sunglasses: I picked them up at a local grocery store

Going to print out some pictures for my sisters school project and doing some cosmetic shopping for my trip next week I was in need of a summery and easy outfit. Main piece was this vintage skirt from my mum that I styled down with some denim and fresh summer colors.
Right now I am really excited about my trip next week, I will hopefully tell you more in the coming days, so stay tuned! Love, Frieda


New in

Sun glasses: Promod/ Neclace: Promod/ Slipper: Zara

I love shopping- obviously. Well, it is nothing new that I love that, and therefore there are always some new things I want to share with you guys! So, yeah I have been searching for shoes like these for a while and finally: here they are! And, yeah the other things just came along and I loved them as well.


Cool down the edgy way

A hot day is over now, and what I need on days like that is: Ice cream. Honestly, if I had to chose one kind of candy I would chose ice cream! So today I tried some fancy things such as white chocolate with strawberries! Also the ice cream shop was so cute I had to share it with you guys.


Impressions of my day

Cute idea: putting pink roses in different vases on my shelves/ Yummy: Vanilla frappucino/ From the post yesterday: hanging out with the girls like our favorite NYC-ladies/ more flowers to bring the summer inside/ decorating your plants with fun accessoires

Days are warm, days are good, days are fun:) Story of my life right now: It just feels very summery and nice! Hope everything is going as well for you guys! Love, Frieda

P.S.: Check out my new facebook page guys:


10 pics why we need this...

SatC Film-book

Sooo cute! Would love for these girls to be me and my ladies;)

The flat

The new flat

loving this outfit

Vogue-says it all

the melancholy of leaving

a happy end

the ladies

(some of ) the outfits

everything: the friends, the love story, the fashion, the end:)

Well, honestly these do not need further explanation, do they? They are all cute and express what we love most about the famous NYC-Quartett:)
I stumbled across this book when searching for some reading for my trip (I will tell you more about it later) in two weeks at my local library. And even though I am not usually a fan of such kind of books I looked at it and found these pictures so adorable I needed to share some! So here you go, hope you enjoy them as much as I have!


Let´s go to the Mall

Oh my, my best friend and I just had a huge laugh when watchin this! I cannot wait to dance to this with all my girls! Because: Admit it, we are all HUGE Robin fans and looooove this song, don´t we? See, that´s why this vid is completely awesome! Go out and have some fun dancing, ladies!


Lipstick personality(s)

When I was younger I enjoyed reading magazines already as much as I do today, especially the ones that came with those psychology-test. Such as: where will I meet new friends? Could I take care for a pet? etc. And then one day it said: What is your lipstick personality? I was curious, but at the time only the owner of one single lipstick, so that was not really representative. Anyways I read on and it said that the shape of your lipstick was according to your personality. Well, I forgot all about this funny little test, until very recently when I cleaned my dresser and took at a look at my favorite lipsticks. I now own a lot more than one... Anyways as I looked at them I noticed that in no way they were all in the same shape. That left me to wonder: Am I a lipstick-shizophrenic?
You know, since the shape determines your character, so I have different characters, because there are different shapes? I know that sounds weird, but as I thought about it today I figured it makes sense anyways. The shapes are different, because my "character" is different with every lipstick and its use. When I feel sweet and girly I will use the light pink Manhattan lipstick (first from the left). When I am going out and feel glamourous and like a diva, you will see mme with bright red lips (2nd from the left) and then there are the others. A dark rose for everyday, a bright pink for a pop of color and a coral for the days I want to upgrade my outfit into the "very stylish" zone.
You see, not one of them is representative for my whole self, but I guess from the contents of one´s make-up bag you can really tell something about the character!