10 pics why we need this...

SatC Film-book

Sooo cute! Would love for these girls to be me and my ladies;)

The flat

The new flat

loving this outfit

Vogue-says it all

the melancholy of leaving

a happy end

the ladies

(some of ) the outfits

everything: the friends, the love story, the fashion, the end:)

Well, honestly these do not need further explanation, do they? They are all cute and express what we love most about the famous NYC-Quartett:)
I stumbled across this book when searching for some reading for my trip (I will tell you more about it later) in two weeks at my local library. And even though I am not usually a fan of such kind of books I looked at it and found these pictures so adorable I needed to share some! So here you go, hope you enjoy them as much as I have!