Perfect idea of lunch

That´s my idea of a perfect lunch: enough time, sunny weather, some music and nice, light food such as this couscous salad and the really yummy berry-/mango-juice!
It was such a nice day yesterday and it was probably one of my best lunch breaks ever, it was really relaxed and so nice at the place I ate. It was at a market place, a little bit hidden from the main streets under a really lovely tree. Yep, that´s how every lunch break should be! Because afterwords you really feel like you took a break!


New Love

I just got these really cute earrings at Claire´s and I am in love! Hope to show you  guys how I styled them soon! Love, Frieda


Conquering mountains

(3rd pic was taken by my host brother)

You know you can do it, you do. Maybe you don´t think so now, but deep down you know you can! I bet we all have these moments when we need to remember this. Whatever you have been up to I hope you ahve been able to live this mantra. After studying abroad this s what I have been doing anyways. I am sure that if we want to do things we can. That if we hope to conquer mountains we will be able to! Just like in the pictures above we are able to cross our boundaries and to grow. The pictures were taken at Yosemite National Park during an eleven hour hike. I never thought I could do it, and at times it was hard, but in the end we (my host brother and I) did it and we gained far more than just the beautiful view shown above.


The procedure of a sunday night

Nail polish: N9002 from Forever 21

You know what I love to do on sunday night? Snuggle up in a blanket with some chips and tea, watching NCIS and doing my nails. I love wearing a different color every week! Unfortunatly it is really expensive to get your nails done that often, so I rather do it myself. I haven´t perfected my skills yet, but I am working on it. I still think it looks ok, though. Good enough- for I just wanted you to show you this color i chose for this week. I think it is a perfect color for this week. It is sophisticated enough for long days of work and college classes, dark enough for going out at night, sparkly and trendy enough to be worn when going out with the ladys and really easy and fast-drying while putting on, so it would not take forever. In short: I love it!


Impressions of my day

So yesterday my sister celebrated her birthday. It was a really cute garden party for her and her friends and it was decorated with the cutest flowers and sugar sprinkles:) Later on I went out with some friends to enjoy a festival with some roller coasters, great food and drinks! A very enjoyable weekend so far. Tomorrow holds fireworks in store and I hope to catch some snaps of that to share with you guys. Also, there will be an outfit post which I am really excited about! So get excited for these upcoming days, folks! Until then, enjoy yourselves! Love, Frieda


Keeps me going...

Loving these pics! Aww, they remind me how great summer can and will be. I am crazily busy right now and also the weather is not as good as you would hope for, but I am optimistic that as soon as I will go on break everything will be great! I know I have not been posting as much as I would like lately and also I have not posted a lot of resently taken photographs, but I hope you understand that with work and college classes I just haven´t been able to do a shoot lately! I do hope I will be able to take some more pictures over the weekend! Wishing you all time to relax and some happy thoughts of summer that will keep you going for the next little whilt! Love, Frieda


About the grande dame of fashion

If there is one name everyone reckons when it comes to fashion it is this one: Chanel! And of course I love and admire her and her works as well. I already enjoyed the movie a lot, but I cannot wait to really dig myself into this book. I purchased it a while ago, but I did not get around to read it since I was just finishing up some of my other reading. So, now I am all ready to really enjoy this book with all its amazing photos and sketches and the great style of writing that will hopefully give me an insight to one of my greatest inspirations. Coco Chanel!


Go Team!

I am not much into soccer, but I am in for a party nonetheless:) I was excited to go out with my friends to watch the soccer game last night. I actually did not see a lot of the game since the place was crowded like crazy, but still it was fun. What I love most about soccer is something else though. While most countries are very proud of themselves and are not afraid to show that off Germany is not. For whatever reason, this maybe being history, Germans tend to never show any pride in themselves and their country. So it is very refreshing to see people sing the German national anthem and wave the German flag. I think Germans finally deserve to be proud of their country again and to leave history behind. Not forget about anything, of course, but move on! So, yeah I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the black, red, and gold seas.


Time to relax

I was presented with these bathing essences this lasst week and I cannot wait to try them in the next days! Especially the one on top seems to be very nice, as it is called Love Letter:) Hope you all find some time to relax aswell! Love, Frieda


Oh, my Mary Jane shoes

Have you listened to this song above? If not, please do! For me it expresses exactly the wonderful feeling you get from wearing lovely heels. I played a concert today, wearing my pink Mary Janes and I felt gorgeous. It is a feeling you will only get on very special occasions and with very special footwear: The feeling of being invincible and stylish:) My best friend and I got this pair of heels a while back at Primark. She got them in a light nude which also looks amazing, but as I stated before I prefer pink shoes. Well, I really hope all of you have at least one pair of shoes that make you feel this way! Go out there ladys, change the world and look stunning!



(This pic was taken a while back in Cali)

Today was a great day! I had so much fun and laughed so excessively much! It was just what I needed after a week full of work and exams (I told you guys about it). It is nice to feel a little bit of sun and to have a little free time to spare. I went out to buy strawberries for a brunch tomorrow and could not stop dancing to some old ABBA songs on my iPod. I guess that is what true leisure and pleasure is about: dancing along the street, listening to fun songs and just feeling so settled within yourself that you do not mind the looks you get from the passing cars:)


The feel of summer

Those are some snaps I took at my vacations over the years.
1. Spain
2. Spain
3. Spain
4. Bulgaria
5. France
6. Germany
And what I wanted to share with you guys is that I really love the feeling I get when looking at these pictures: it is SUMMER! I hope I will be able to collect some more this summer:)



Honestly, today was one of the most stressful days in my life! But, it turned out to be a very good and sucessful one, too. It actually made me realize that sometimes we can do our best when we least expect it. I worked so much today and was crazily tired, but still I managed to perform well. I think at times we need to reach our limits just to see that we can cross those self-set boundries! So running around today left me breathless at times and really exausted right now, but also makes me smile slightly, because I did it anyways:)


Makes my eyes teary every time

This is one of the cutest songs ever. I think. Well, just listen to it and fall in love with it for yourself!


Impressions of my day

Cute idea: Using an old limonade bottle for flowers/ Working at my "office" (this being my fav coffee shop)/ Loving the fresh cut strawberries in my evening treat/ An old church I took some pictures at that week/ Glasses and my pures, getting ready to go out
Acurately it should read Impressions of my days, since this is a reflection on the last week or so. I am very very sorry for not keeping you posted over the last couple days, but I was gone for teaching a seminar. It was at a small village in a youth hostel and it was held for young students going to study abroad! It was lots of fun!!! But, there was no Wlan, so I could not post anything. Well, if you had just half as much fun as I did your weekend was probably amazing;) Love, Frieda


Paris calling

Yep, I know it is cosmetics again, but I am really in love with the sweet smell of this shower gel:) And I was actually just talking to my friend about this today, you know how you sometimes need to buy all your cosmetics at once? Well, seems like this is what happened and I hope you are bearing with me on this:)


Finally in use

Oh, how much have I enjoyed finally opening the delicate wrapping of this facial soap:) So, now I hope it is going to do as many wonders to my skin as this wrapping might promise!



As I told you yesterday I went to lunch and here is what I ate, just because it was sooo yummy:) It was a tomato soup and some lemon-mint iced tea for me!


Out and about

Pants: H&M/ Shirt: Zara/ Top: Converse/ Boots: s.Oliver/ Alexander Wang inspired bag: some store at a mall/ Bracelet: Six/ Earrings: Vintage/ Rings: I am

Just strolling through city today, getting some shopping done and having lunch. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!