Last preparations

                                                   Swim suit: Hunkemöller

I already mentioned that I will do some travelling soon and actually the date is coming closer. I will leave this Thursday, but where is still to be revealed;) As for now I am packing up things, finishing some college papers, and doing some final shopping. For today that meant: swim suit! I know that most of you will wonder why I decided to go for such a classical piece instead of something fancy, but it is very easy to explain: this swim suit is amazing! The color is very today, the cut is classic and therefore really body-loving;), and you can pair it with tons of jewellery and/or fun colored nails without looking trashy. So, yeah basically I love this swim suit and I am so happy I found it. That was really easy, too. Hunkemöller was the first shop I went to, this was the first suit I saw, one of the first I tried and the one I eventually bought for a steal-price of 20€! So, all I can say is that I am really pleased with today´s shopping trip and completely happy and that I can´t wait to hit the pool in this cute new swim wear!

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