This way?!

So recently I have been feeling like I really needed an arrow to point out the important. It seems as if my life has been so packed lately that I am losing focus.
 I love to be busy and I love to be needed in places. That makes me a really easy target for extra work, not in a bad way anyways. Usually it just keeps me busy and around lots of interesting people. It is what I do and who I am. I have always been busier than most of my friends and family so I am used to getting that look;) (meaning: how the heck do you do all that). And it is not something I would ever complain about, since I chose this way for me.
 But apparently it took some other people to point out to me that sometimes it is ok not to do everything at once. I am grateful to have people like this in my life who just know what to say and how to calm me after so much has been going on. Unfortunately, there is still some work I have to catch up on and the new semester is about to start, so lets see how this is going to work. Anyways, I am lucky to know there is always someone in my life to point that arrow at the important when I am losing focus. Such as just a nice dinner with friends, going for photoshoot, collecting some of the first fall leaves...
I really wish you all people like this and moments like this to refocus! Love, Frieda


Stocking up

I love love love lipstick! Well you proably know this since then. And while I probably have enough lipsticks for uhm...a while I still cannot go shopping and not get one:) These lipsticks right here are from P2 and come in a lot of cool colors. I chose a coral and brown tone to fill in the gaps in my beauticase. I also really love the names they gave them. They are all named after famous places and streets. The ones I bought are called Copa Cabana and Wall Street. Well, I hope to complete a ad with the rest;)


Impressions of my day

Favorite asian food: at COA in Frankfurt/ beautifully installed Goethe qoutes in the lovely palm garden/ New make-up trend: coral eye shadow; this one is from essence: shrimp me up/ New favorite hair do/ A cute pavillion in the palm garden during a sight seeing trip with my friends

As it has been for a while not all of these picture were taken today, but rather over the last week. Anyways, they are a collection of my favorite things: meeting friends, going out, great food, literature, make-up, and fashion trends:)


Treasure hunt

While I don´t know how I feel about real hunting, there is one kind of hunting I am definitly not objectifying: Shopping!
And I guess I am not the only one;) Judging from the lines that build up in fron of H&M stores when new designer collaborations are to hit the stores. Usually all those hunters snatch the best pieces away in the first half hour. So I was really surprised when I found this AMAZING clutch a day later! I have been waiting for this collaboration for quite a while, but I unfortunately I was not able to go to the stores the day the pieces came. So I was more than happy that there were some things left for me to hunt down a day later.
PS: All the pieces came in amazing wrapping and with a great paper bag, I really liked that, so glamorous;)

Turning pages

Hey lovelies,
noticed something? Yep, I did a little work on m yblog today. What do you think?
Well, I decided that since this blog is to cherish the changes and possibilies of life it could need some changes itself. Also I thought that after I started blogging in spring (THE season of change) what better time would there be for a new look than fall (second season of change). So, I hope you all are enjoying the first falling leaves and a walk outside these days! Love, Frieda