Chocolate Shock

melting chocolate for the dough

dough-looking good already

before baking

chopping chocolate for the frosting

just perfect

puuting on the frosting...

and adding some sparkles;)

Ever since I have gotten this book I love baking cupcakes even more! They are just the sweetest thing. As I had some free time to spare this past week I decided my girlfriends with some really chocolaty cupcakes. They were really yummy! Do you have any favorite cupcakes?? Love, Frieda


Where is the party?

Essence nail polish: 43 Where is the party?

Well, that is a goog question! Where is he party? Definitly not at my place this weekend. Since I have been working like crazy over the last weeks to coplete all my work according to the dead lines I really could use some dancing and partying. But, unfortunately, this weekend was no better. More projects due and except meeting some friends for a study group there was not much time spent otherwise. Oh well, at least my nails were ready to party:) This nail polish has a really amazing color. It´s somewhere between purple and green, depending on the light, and it sparkles a lot.
I hope your weekend was a little more relaxing! Love, Frieda


Favorite Cali outfit

Shirt: Vintaga/ Pants: Forever 21/ Shoes: Nike/ Scarf: Kult/ Bag: Vintage/ Jewellery: Claire´s and Vintage

As Mark Twain once said: My coldest winter was a summer in San Francisco, and really California wasn´t the warmst place this summer, so this was my favorite outfit for the trip!


Breaking the spell- back to brown shoes

I think I have broken the spell of pink shoes now;)

I just got these awesome brown boots this summer, so for now they will live next to my clutches until it is cold enough to show them off!


French nails- a first

I think they turned out great for a first try:) As I said before I am trying to perfect my nail skills. This is my first attempt on french nails. Also, I love this little cute box. It is the amazing Glycerine Hand Therapy by Camille Beckman. My grandma gave it to me as a present this summer and I just love it!


Out and about

Shirt: Self-made tourist shirt/ Skirt: Vintage/ Belt: Vintage/ Shoes: my old dancing shoes/ Purse: C&A/ Earings: s.Oliver/ Watch: aeropostale/ Bracelets: Bijoux Brigitte and Vintage

I have shown this skirt before, but since it is fashion week time this week I decided to try out something new with this skirt and pair with some really different accesoires to create a totally different look. I really like how it is sparkly and glamorous while rock´n´roll chic at the same time.
If I would have worn it going out I would have taken the skirt a little shorter and would have paired it with some boots and tights, but since it was really warm today and we just did the shooting in the backyard I decided it would work this way and barefoot as well:)


Impressions of my day

So yummy: Pretzel with sugar pearls/ Steal of the week: Super cute sun glasses from H&M for about 5 bucks/ Reorganizing the space next to my make-up table so I can display some of my favorite girly things/ I love how my favorite jeans (almost) has my name, I found the tag in my drawer today and smiled/ New home for some of my earstuds: really cute wooden box


Inspirations- thinking inside the box

Have you read "Eat Pray Love"? It is one of my favorite books. I love it for many reasons, but there is one thing that I like especially. It is the "box". In the book Liz Gilbert talkes about how she keeps a box with journals and pictures and stuff about all the countries she wants to visit in her life to which her best friend replies that she used to have a box for baby things before she had her own child. I have one of those boxes, too. I keep my future plans in there as well. I put pieces of writing in there which I hope will be published some day. There are drawings of a future wedding gown and a list of all the designer heels I hope to own one day. Then there are ripped out pages from magazines and photos like the one above about how I wish to live one day. I have put notes in there, too. Little things from friends all over the world that needed a special place to be saved and that will continue to shape my future forever. Well, and just as Liz there are days that I dig out that box and go through all those scraps to I hope will find together as a whole some day. It is those days that you feel unsure and unknowing that you need something to hold on to, a dream and a hope and a little security. That´s what the box does. It shows me my dreams and hopes, not in an abstract, but in pictures and color.
So I would like to know, what do you keep in your box?
Love, Frieda



GUYS! This is crazy, this is my 100th post! Wow, can you believe it? Anyways, I just want to thank you all for supporting me and for reading along! Let´s hope a lot more posts are to come!
Lots of Love, Frieda


I am Woman!

Makes me want to grab my ladies and go karaoke singing! Well, maybe one of the next weekends;)


Just sharing

To start of this week of right: one of my favorite pics from this summer! Me at the Golden Gate Bridge. Hope you all are feeling great and kick of this week right:)