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Shirt: Self-made tourist shirt/ Skirt: Vintage/ Belt: Vintage/ Shoes: my old dancing shoes/ Purse: C&A/ Earings: s.Oliver/ Watch: aeropostale/ Bracelets: Bijoux Brigitte and Vintage

I have shown this skirt before, but since it is fashion week time this week I decided to try out something new with this skirt and pair with some really different accesoires to create a totally different look. I really like how it is sparkly and glamorous while rock´n´roll chic at the same time.
If I would have worn it going out I would have taken the skirt a little shorter and would have paired it with some boots and tights, but since it was really warm today and we just did the shooting in the backyard I decided it would work this way and barefoot as well:)

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