Lil´ bird calling

Overlong cardigan: H&M/ Shirt: Boehme/ Leggings: Primark/ Flats: Buffalo/ Flower pin: taken from a Claire´s neclace/ Jewellery: Vintage
Going to the movies tonight I needed to wear something comfy. As much as I enjoy dressing up, when going to the movies (or any place alike) I think it is a little over the top to be all dressed up. So I decided to wear something casual. I love cardigans in any color and length, but this one with its unusual shape and the golden sparkles is one of my favs. The same applies to the shirt I am wearing. It is such a soft fabric that I love to wear it all the times, maybe that is the reason it is a little out of shape allready. That is also the reason I mostly wear it in a casual way.
To this all around feel-good outfit I added a ring with a little bird. I found it while going shopping with one of my besties in some beach stores in Cali.
So in short this outfit combines easy-goimg with cute memories of my besties, so just the perfect thing to wear for a relaxed saturday night!
Hope ya all are having a fantastic weekend!
Love, Frieda

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