The Frieda Bag

The Carrie Diaries/ Close-ups/ Full view of the clutch

Have you read The Carrie Diaries? While this prequel novel focuses mostly on how our beloved Carrie came to our equally beloved NYC, it also gives some insights on her progressing of fashion understanding. One main accessoire in this shaping process is a bag from her mother, unfortunatly she spills some nail polish on it (readying herself for a date). While most of us would have just taken another nice bag, Carrie is convinved she needs this particular bag and therefore eagerly searches for a solution. Because she cannot get the nail polish off the bag she just uses some more nail polish to make the bag looked splattered and then puts her name on it. It now is the Carrie bag:)
While reading the novel I decided it would be nice to use this idea on one of my bags as well. So, I dug out this old clutch, which I haven´t been using lately, and used some nail polish to give it a new look. It now can be looked at as the Frieda bag! Oh, how much I like the idea of having a bag named after myself! That would be great fun!
Do you have an item you would like to be named after yourselves? Any DIY-ideas for more individual bags?
Have a good start into the week! Love, Frieda
P.S. My little bag project was done right after the release of the novel, so it was long before the first pictures from the set emerged. If you woud like to see how the crew and cast dealt with the idea of the Carrie bag, please look here

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