A little bit of consistency

Remember how I said I loved change? Well, my shoe closet will tell you a different story... over the last months it seemed like I couldn´t go shoe shopping without at least purchasing one pair of pink shoes:) Why pink? It all began when I decided to not buy my chosen pair of shoes in the mandatory brown, but in a light pink. I left the store feeling incredibly stylish and superior, just because of a new color! I don´t know what it is about pink shoes and me, but they go together quite well. It was a change at first, going away from the normality of black or brown shoes (I own enough of them as well;)), but it comes closer to consistency now.
So, I guess even I, who loves changes, falls into the normal pattern of searching for consistency. At least when it comes to the color of shoes. But as every season brings new trend colors there is probably still enough room for least if I stack my shoes a little closer together:)

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