Let flowers do the talking!

Yep, maybe I am old-fashioned, maybe this is kitschy, but I still believe in the magic of flowers. I mean there are these days you just need to be a girl and need to be presented with a bunch of cute flowers. At least for me there are and today was one of them.
 It is just the smallest geste, but it represents attention and care, and often flowers can do a much better job at that than actual talking. The most important days of our lives are accompanied by those blooming beauties. We get a wristband from our first prom date, a bouquet from our husband-to-be, there are flowers at mothers day and on round birthdays and finally at funerals. Flowers obtain a power of wisdom and knowledge, without words they know the right thing to say and generations before us have trusted in them. In earlier centuries flowers were a proper way of communication between lovers, as well. Back then there were more known meanings than just the mandatory red roses. I really like the idea of this very aesthetic way of interaction. A simple sunflower would express your adoration, while a pink tulip informed everyone that you are caring.
How nice it would be to have "conversations" like that in modern times. While everything around is loud and hectic wouldn´t it be nice to have a wisteria be sign of steadfastness again?


Impressions of my day

Frankfurt Skyline/ little well / a building of the world culture museum/ looking to the ground/ Writing lab inside the world culture museum

Finishing some of my writing pieces I started at the writing lab in Frankfurt a while a ago I wanted to share some of the impressions I got there. I really enjoyed sitting in the little park behind the museum reading before class started- I captured some of this in pictures 2 and 3. The atmosphere in the writing lab later was also truly inspiring as a wall of picures welcomed us to take a look at different cultures. It was also good to meet other aspiring writers and discuss our pieces. I was taken aback by their talent and creativity. I surely learned a lot these days and will take lots of it into my future writing. Thanks!:)


Kiss Sunshine Hello!

Shirt: Vintage/ Shorts & Hat: H&M/ Jacket: Tom Tailor/ Bag: Charlotte Russe/ Bangles: Primark/ Ring: Vintage

So today officially marked the beginning of summer. It was very warm for the first time and I didn´t need the jacket in the picture for most of the day. Just the perfect day for a BBQ with the besties:) But while the anticipation for summer to arrive grew over the last weeks of Rainy Days, summer can be tricky, too. While it is easy to dress cute in summer my skin needs some extra care. I start out the days with suncream, wear hats and glasses and try not to be in the full sun for long. As you can see I am pretty pale so I have to try really hard not to turn into a lobster (even though that´s supposed to be the new trend color). So, as for my make-up I like to keep it simple on days like today, with just some mascara and red lips I kiss the sun hello and I am ready.


Changes in the garden

Taking notes on the catalogue/ Last page of the catalogue expressing the laid-back, though cute spirit of the brand

So since it is springtime we need to get our garden ready for BBQs and outside parties. The best way to do so is with cute garden furniture. My mom currently introduced me to a frensh brand called Fermob and I think their chairs and benches are just too adorable. If you would like to check them out just take a look on their lovely website: :)

PS: I´m in love with their pictures, too. So if even if you are not planning on remodelling your garden you should take a look at their cute pictures as they show really fun motives and gorgeous views!


I´m a shoe

Nope, I am not really a shoe, it´s a metaphor...

I´ve been rewatching the pilot episodes of some of my favorite TV shows lately and I cracked up over the first episode of Friends! I think it is just hilarious and the video above shows my favorite quote. So maybe that´s what I will do if I have a minute to spare on the weekend: rewatch the first season. For me it is no surprise Friends was so successful. It combines the most important things in a TV show: fun, friendship, love and some fooling around. Just the perfect thing to watch and relanx and have a little fun!


Sparkles and bows

Denim shirt: by Miley Cyrus/ Top: Levi´s/ Leggings: Primark/ Shoes: s.Oliver/ Belt: Zara/ Bag: Wanted/ Ring: Bijoux Brigitte

Going to an engagement party last weekend I wore this outfit. I added some Sparkles and a bow to a simple denim shirt and leggings. Iam currently obsessed with cute hair accessoires, they add a little bit of glam to almost anything. When it comes to bows...oh well, I think they are just too cute.
But not as cute as the bride ans groom to be, though. It is so fun to watch people you are close to being happy. I love to see the lighten up eyes, the excited little jumps, the constant smiles... There is so much that expresses this happyness and anxiety. Just take a walk through the city and take a look at all the couples sitting outside, you will for sure notice some of these signs. So maybe these signs are what sparkles and bows are to an outfit, a little addition of glam, an expression of your mood and they show everyone that you care- about your outfit or your soon-to-be husband:)


Rainy days

It is days like today that make me want to dig out my childhood umbrella and go dancing in the rain! I´m sick of people in a bad mood, simply because it is raining! There is so much more to your day than just the weather. Also it can be fun to lift up everyone´s spirit by simply wearing colorful wellingtons, adding a splash of color to the tristesse of a rainy day. So don´t be shy do be in a good mod on a `bad weather`day! the end I wouldn´t mind for summer to come by, either;)


Lady car

Well, I just had to show you this, because it simply is the perfect car, isn´t it?
It is cute, sweet, PINK;) and it tastes good:) So, yeah it is a pink gummibear car ad I loved it! That´s all:)


Jewellery Cocktails

Cosmopolitan/ Mai Tai/ Manhattan /Oasis/ Goldwater Royal

When I was presented with the first glass and its jewellery contents I thought it looked really cute. I added it to my make-up table and when I looked at it again it inspired me to make more of those Jewellery Cocktails. So here are just soome pictures of how it turned out.

PS: If you would like to know about specific pieces of jewellery shown in the pictures please feel free to ask, it would have been just too long of a list to describe them all individually:)


I heart Romance

Jacket: Forever 21, Top: Levi´s, Blouse: Rue 21, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Some cheap find, don´t remember the name of the store, Ring: Vintage

The vintage ring shown in the last picture inspired me to this outfit and the pictures. The ring was given to me by my mum, I love the coloring and how its look is romantic though not too much. For me a romantic outfit is all about that- descreet detailing, no overflow.
But what is romance anyway? Is it what we see in those hollywood movies? A guy and a girl, perfectly dressed, on the beach as the sun goes down, everything surrounded by string music...Is that it? Asking my friends what they think romance is the answer that showed up the most was: The simple, small things. So, just like my outfit(?) Maybe it really is about all the small things, but how do you translate that into life? While it is quite easy to find small things accompaninng an outfit, such as a ring, a filigree neclace, glamorous high heels, or delicate lace, what are the high heels and lace of love and romance? So since I took these pictures last weekend I kept my eyes and ears open to find out what these `small things` are. And walking around in the city I noticed that these small things come across almost unnoticable. Often it is about openig doors, a home made cake, a small thoughtful present,... It looks as if thoughts are the key to romance. You may ask if that is not contradictory- romance a thing from the heart unlocked by the key of thoughts? At first sight it might seem like that, but if you take a closer look it all falls into place. When you really care for sombody you think about them a lot, and if you turn that thinking into acting that´s when you create romance. So, in the end it really is about the small things, such as connecting thoughts and heart.


Owl city

Bangles with owl charms (Claire´s)/ Owl charm/ Neclace with owl, key, and flower pendants/ Neclace with owl pendant/ Owl purse (Primark)

A random fact about myself: I LOVE owls:) But you can see for yourself...


Talking Mustache

I know this `trend` has been around a while, but when I found this funny keyring a couple days ago I had to get it! I mean it´s a talking mustache!!! Yep, it really tells you "Hello there" when you press the little button, other than that it just looks adorable and funny on your bunch of keys.

PS: I finally added the Readers Gadget to the side bar, so feel free to register! Don´t be shy to be first one! I would love to have you all as regular readers so just put yourself to the list:)
Love, Frieda


Impressions of my day

 Some ivy behind a iron gate/Giant Teddy/ A bridge/ Part of the bridge with a hearted lock/ sprayed couple with a cute message

Strolling around today I took a couple of snaps that were really fun. Here are just a few to get you all in the right mood for spring- it´s all about LOVE:) (and if you haven´t found the ONE yet there is always the huge teddy that needs a cuddle)


Clicking through youtube...

                                  Kalle Mattson - "Miles in Between"

I just clicked through some videos on youtube when I found this accoustic version. I think Kalle Mattson really is a great song-writer. His texts are deep and thoughtful and I think he is really nice to listen to. Just sharing this cute song with you, hopefully you are enjoying it just as much as I did!

A call for fun!

Going shopping at Only last week I saw their latest campaign. I think it is really funny! We should all start enjoy the sunshine and have fun! It is important to surround yourself with people who are good to you and who are fun to be around! So let this spring be all about having fun with the people we like best and not caring about the others.