Let flowers do the talking!

Yep, maybe I am old-fashioned, maybe this is kitschy, but I still believe in the magic of flowers. I mean there are these days you just need to be a girl and need to be presented with a bunch of cute flowers. At least for me there are and today was one of them.
 It is just the smallest geste, but it represents attention and care, and often flowers can do a much better job at that than actual talking. The most important days of our lives are accompanied by those blooming beauties. We get a wristband from our first prom date, a bouquet from our husband-to-be, there are flowers at mothers day and on round birthdays and finally at funerals. Flowers obtain a power of wisdom and knowledge, without words they know the right thing to say and generations before us have trusted in them. In earlier centuries flowers were a proper way of communication between lovers, as well. Back then there were more known meanings than just the mandatory red roses. I really like the idea of this very aesthetic way of interaction. A simple sunflower would express your adoration, while a pink tulip informed everyone that you are caring.
How nice it would be to have "conversations" like that in modern times. While everything around is loud and hectic wouldn´t it be nice to have a wisteria be sign of steadfastness again?

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