Changeability- an ode to the changes in life

From all the seasons I like spring best. Not just because it is getting warmer and also not just because of the amazing spring collections (especially the jackets are just beautiful!). No, I like spring, because it is the season of change. Everything (and everyone) is waking up, the days grow longer and so do the tulips. The world blossoms and the first sunbeams allow us to enjoy these happenings outside.
It seems to be a constant in my life that I enjoy changes so very much, wether it is in clothing or in travel. But then again change is natural, as spring shows us. And maybe it is true when people say: The only consistency in life is change. Wow, that was pretty philosophical for a first post, hope I did´t scare you all away:) Anyways, so for this year lets try to enhance and enjoy the little inconsistencies and changes in life-they might turn out to be really beautiful, just like those spring collection jackets.  

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