Lipstick personality(s)

When I was younger I enjoyed reading magazines already as much as I do today, especially the ones that came with those psychology-test. Such as: where will I meet new friends? Could I take care for a pet? etc. And then one day it said: What is your lipstick personality? I was curious, but at the time only the owner of one single lipstick, so that was not really representative. Anyways I read on and it said that the shape of your lipstick was according to your personality. Well, I forgot all about this funny little test, until very recently when I cleaned my dresser and took at a look at my favorite lipsticks. I now own a lot more than one... Anyways as I looked at them I noticed that in no way they were all in the same shape. That left me to wonder: Am I a lipstick-shizophrenic?
You know, since the shape determines your character, so I have different characters, because there are different shapes? I know that sounds weird, but as I thought about it today I figured it makes sense anyways. The shapes are different, because my "character" is different with every lipstick and its use. When I feel sweet and girly I will use the light pink Manhattan lipstick (first from the left). When I am going out and feel glamourous and like a diva, you will see mme with bright red lips (2nd from the left) and then there are the others. A dark rose for everyday, a bright pink for a pop of color and a coral for the days I want to upgrade my outfit into the "very stylish" zone.
You see, not one of them is representative for my whole self, but I guess from the contents of one´s make-up bag you can really tell something about the character!

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