What kiss-day taught me

Picture was taken in Paris

A couple days back facebook reminded me of a really cool celebration: the kiss-day. I think it is a nice thing to enhance romance in such a way in today´s world. We are often busy, fast-paced, and narrow-eyed. We run around focused on our tasks and forget some essentials over it. Those being: Love, Romance, True Happiness. This is often said easily, but forgotten just as fast. So, what can we do to work against our "running" habits? What ways do we have to make our path cross those of love and happiness. I wonder about this as I am one of those people to run around everyday, have a million dates and things to remember and phone book-thick calendar. I am one of those people to remember everything except to just let go.

Picture was taken in Berlin

So, when I stumbled across the first picture in prepararion of this post I thought of something I have written about before: small things! It probably really is all those small things that make up the whole: LOVE. But, and here comes the problem to this wonderful solution: how can we make sure to give all those things the meaning they deserve? I have not found a perfect way for doing so, but I am trying my best everyday: to be open-eyed and open-minded! If we take the courage and the time to walk around a little different in our lives it might actually change a lot! For me the first steps on the way to doing so are:
first of all: this blog, it makes me a lot more alert to beauty in everyday life,
second: tune it down sometimes, I have noticed that when I sit down for lunch it can be very nice to turn off my iPod and just enjoy the sounds surrounding me
third: even if it sounds weird, I like to walk, yep, especially on days that my brain is clouded from studying it is nice to go outside and enjoy some nothing;) just air, fields, and walking
Well, I bet and I hope there are a lot more ways to enjoy the small things that make up such big things as Love! What are your ways to do so? I would love to hear about them!


  1. There are many small things in my life that make me happy. Eating a piece of chocolate, cuddling with my babycat and as you said, just going outside and enjoying nature :)

    1. Thx for sharing, sweety! And yep eating chocalate is one of my favs, too! :)