Summer approaching

I already told you that I hope to get a little tan so I can wear light colors and look good in my swim wear. Well, that is what I tried this weekend, without much success, but with a lot of fun with my friends. I got this card above from a really good friend of mine a while ago stating our goals for the summer: have fun, get tanned,... Alright, I may not have gotten as tanned as the girl on the cover (yet), but I am doing well on the fun part. This actually leads me to an apology: I haven´t done an outfit post ina week, I am sorry! With the hot weather all I really wear are shorts and shirts paired with heels or flipflops, but I will try to catch up on it asap. I hope you guys are doing a better job at getting tanned and are having as much as fun as I do! Have a great start into the week! Love, Frieda

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