Make the Sparkle wearable

Shirt: / Skirt: Vintage/ Boots: Forever 21/ Neclace & Arrow Ring: Claire´s/ Bag: Zara/ Other Jewellery: Vintage
I love high-fashion and high-fashion blogs, but honestly as inspiring as they are I tend to not know how to apply all those amazing tips to my every day life. Since I live in a small village close to some bigger cities, not NYC, though there aren´t many occasions to wear long robes, full-lenght skirts and really high heels. So the challenge I face everyday is : how to make the Sparkle wearable. So, one thing I do a lot is to wear an outfit most people would wear with high-heels and pair it with some boots and extra jewellery instead. Also, I like to  keep to uni colors, colors of one family etc. So as you can see above I choose to wear grey and black as to not over-do the sparkles of the skirt and added some sandy boots and some big shiny accessoires. The bag is one of my favs right now, I liked the idea of an envalope-size bag before, but it felt so clean and sophisticated that I didn´t know how to add it to my wardrobe. Seeing this bag in a shiny silver tone got me immediatly, because it is like a big fat wink, telling you not to take it all to seriously, And, I like that a lot, because I love high-fashion, I really do, but the question that I am facing everyday is to how make it wearable. And the best answer I can come up with is: Do not take it to serious, make it more you, and do not be afraid to add a little sparkle:)