White meets vintage

Shirt: Mossimo Supply/ Top: All Star/ Pants: Tally Weijl/Trench coat: Forever 21/ Neclace: H&M/ Shoes: Dexter/ Bag & Rings: Vintage

Today was a good day. It is just as simple as that. I went out for brunch with some friends, met my sister for lunch and picture taking and went to class later today. So since today was just as simple as good I think my outfit matched it just right.
 I am always a little careful when it comes to white pants. They are a risk to be taken, since they get dirty quickly and you might look heavier than you actually are:) Personally, I have a third reason that keeps me from white pants a lot: It seems too clean ... I know that contradicts the point before about getting them dirty, but I actually mean something else. Because I enjoy Vintage clothing and bright colors so much the simple chic of a white pair of pants sometimes is a little overwhelming. To avoid that problem I paired mine with some colorful and vintage accessories and a wide lace shirt. The flat shoes were chosen out of pure comfort for my feet. High heels might look nice on a picture, but are truly the wrong kind of footwear for running around campus:) So, I think that my outfit was just right for today: easy, clean, comfy, with just the right bit of color and vintage to make it more "me"!

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