The art of packing:)

Now that I am back I unpacked all my bags and- no surprise- they were messy;) I don´t know why, but at least for me that´s how it goes. I pack my suitcase and it is all clean and tidy and it looks nice, but when I come back everything is just thrown in and messed up. I guess it kinda displays how I feel about travelling. I just love to go away and visit different places, but I usually do not want to go back as early as I have to. I like the feeling of coming home, but it just often feels like it is too early, as if there are still so many things to be seen. So here is a picture of my suitcase before I left to the U.S. this summer, but I won´t let you see what it looked like coming back, or what my bedroom now looks like for that matter;)

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