Holiday wear- How to be a stylish tourist

First Outfit: Shirt: Target/ Shorts: Please/ Cardigan: Cos/ Sandals: Gap/ Bag: Vintage/ UK-scarf: Kult/Jewellery: Vintage
Second Outfit: Shirt: H&M/ Pants: Zara/ Bag&Cardigan: see above/ Shoes: I don´t know, they are old:)/ Neclace: Promod

I love to travel! You probably know by now. But one thing I don´t like is to stand out as a tourist, in looks or in language. That is one of the reasons I love to learn foreign languages and also reason for a very detailed packing:) As you see above I usually take basics (Jacket, Bag) in plain colors and match them with neon brights and filigrane jewellery. That way I have lots of options and little to pack:)
What are your tips for light and stylish travelling?

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