The procedure of a sunday night

Nail polish: N9002 from Forever 21

You know what I love to do on sunday night? Snuggle up in a blanket with some chips and tea, watching NCIS and doing my nails. I love wearing a different color every week! Unfortunatly it is really expensive to get your nails done that often, so I rather do it myself. I haven´t perfected my skills yet, but I am working on it. I still think it looks ok, though. Good enough- for I just wanted you to show you this color i chose for this week. I think it is a perfect color for this week. It is sophisticated enough for long days of work and college classes, dark enough for going out at night, sparkly and trendy enough to be worn when going out with the ladys and really easy and fast-drying while putting on, so it would not take forever. In short: I love it!

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